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2017 was a record-breaking year for Australia’s solar energy

9500 rooftops add solar

2017 was a record breaking year for solar installations across Australia. In 2017 more than 1057 megawatts was installed and it’s expected to surpass that in 2018.

Thanks to these installations Australia will “deliver an estimates $2 billion in electricity bill savings over the next decade”. (source).

“Enough rooftop solar was installed in December 2017 alone to power 29,730 homes and will generate an estimated $209 million in power bill savings over the next ten years.”

solar data graph for 2017

Green Energy Markets has observed that an increasing number of households are “choosing to max out their roof with as much solar as they can fit.” As a result, GEM now classifies systems between 10 – 15 kW as being residential systems, rather than commercial (C&I). (source)

2017 saw enough solar rooftops installed to equate to 3.5 million solar panels or 9,500 a day installed. And, the average system has increased in size from 3kw to 6kw. Homes, businesses, schools and small businesses took advantage of state-wide renewable energy schemes and subsidies which helped to boost these numbers.

“In 2017, there was a 41% increase in installed renewable energy capacity across all states and territories compared to 2016. Queensland led the way with installed capacity at 295 megawatts, with the Australian Capital Territory taking top place for biggest annual increase, up 57%.” (source)


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