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Can Sydney renters upgrade their lights to LED for free?

can renters upgrade to LED

You may have spotted our ads on TV offering LED downlights upgrades to Sydney residents but perhaps and you’re interested in upgrading your property with free LEDs ($33* installation fee). But here’s a question we’re often asked:

Are renters eligible for NSW HEER incentivised LED upgrades?

The HEER (home energy efficiency retrofits) method is a program operated by the NSW state government to drive energy efficiency upgrades in the interests of improving the state’s energy productivity. One of their programs is LED retrofits; upgrading halogen downlights to LED downlights to decrease energy demands from NSW residents. This helps to reduce energy costs for individual customers and helps the state reduce their energy demands.

Sometimes states offer incentives for energy upgrades like this and unfortunately, in some circumstances, they are limited to homeowners only but the great news with this offer is that all residents can take advantage, whether homeowner or renter.

In most cases our LED upgrades require no changes to your fittings – we simply upgrade your globes. So there’s no need for your landlord to approve an upgrade. However, you might want to let your landlord know as a courtesy that you are planning to upgrade the lights to LED – you never know, they might cover the $33* installation costs for you!

In some circumstances, it may be necessary to upgrade your fittings to an IC-rated downlight. This does have additional costs and may need approval from your landlord. We can discuss with you if you are likely to need one of these upgrades and if you will need permission from your landlord.

Why LEDs?

✅ They use 85% less energy
✅ They’re cheaper to run
✅ Their lifespan is around 20,000 hours, versus a halogen downlight which usually dies within a year
✅ They’re safer. Halogen downlights get very hot and are usually around 300°C, but an LED only reaches temperatures of <80°C. You eliminate hotspots and reduce fire risks.
✅ Improve the look of your light fittings and the quality of light – halogens dull over time, LEDs do not.
✅ Reduce your carbon emissions – a small change can make a big impact on the future of Australia

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*$33 installation fee in place from 1st September, 2019


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