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Clean Energy Australia part 2

Clean Energy Australia Report

For part 2 of our focus on the Australian Clean Energy Report we have delved into the impact of renewable energy on Victoria a bit more.

Clean Energy Australia Report for 2020 provides “a comprehensive overview of the Australian clean energy sector from 2019.” You can read the report here.

Victoria is not the top-rated state for renewable energy production, that award goes to the ACT with 100% renewable energy now supplying their demand; Victoria is 4th with 23.9% renewable energy penetration.


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“Unplanned outages at Victoria’s Loy Yang coal-fired power plant and Mortlake gas-fired power station threatened to cause extensive blackouts in Victoria in 2019”
“The outages at Loy Yang and Mortlake were part of a growing trend in 2019, with Australia’s fleet of ageing coal and gas power plants becoming increasingly unreliable. Throughout 2019, there were more than 75 unexpected outages at coal and gas
plants across the NEM.69 This increases prices for consumers, threatens the stability of the grid and has the potential to cut power to millions of Australians.”

Despite high energy costs for Victorians our supply is unreliable so the sooner we diversify to renewables, the better. Victoria has pledged to transition to 50% renewable energy supply by 2030.

energy costs 18-22

If you want to improve the energy efficiency of your home, install a solar energy system and diversify your own energy supply we can help.


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