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France bans plastic

This month France’s government have issued a law banning plastic cutlery from 2020.

Plastic forks and knives

This latest ruling is an attempt to reduce the country’s pollution and prevent the use of all oil-originating single-use plastic utensils and crockery, favouring only those made of biological material. This includes office plastic cups and plastic picnic-ware.

This decision is predictability caused anger from organisations that represent packaging manufacturers, who will attempt to fight the ban claiming it violates European Union commerce rules.

Banning plastic cutlery in France

“The ban was initially proposed by the Europe Ecologie-Greens Party and was adopted by French lawmakers with the aim of reducing the energy consumed and waste produced by the plastic processing industry, as well as the pollution caused by plastic litter.”

Polluting plastics in our oceans are such an environmentally damaging scourge and these single-use plastics are such a huge waste of energy and materials, that this is a fantastic move towards reducing a harmful drain on the environment and hopefully an encouraging step forward that other countries will follow.


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