Clean Energy Australia Report

The Clean Energy Council has released its Clean Energy Australia Report for 2020. The report provides “a comprehensive overview of the Australian clean energy sector.”

You can read their report here


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It has some interesting figures about the growth of renewable energy and sustainable energy sources throughout the country and we have made an infographic of the report below.

Some key takeaways from 2019:

  • Australia’s large-scale renewable energy capacity increased by 2.2 GW
  • Renewable energy was responsible for 24% of Australia’s total electricity generation.
  • Wind energy accounted for the highest amount, with 34% of the country’s renewable energy generation supplied by wind.
  • Renewable energy helped to generate 23,000 jobs in Australia
  • There were more than 287,000 rooftop solar installations in 2019 which was the 3rd highest number recorded in Australia.

Download our infographic here

Clean energy Australia Report 2020


At Energy Makeovers we’re proud to be a part of Australia diversifying its energy supply. We install rooftop solar energy systems for both residential and commercial properties as well as assisting homes and businesses to reduce their energy consumption with energy efficiency upgrades.

Sustainability and renewable energy if crucial for the future of our country and our planet.

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