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Upgrade your aged care facility’s lights to free LEDs*

Aged Care facility LEDs

Did you know that some businesses are eligible for free LEDs and heavily subsidised installation under the Victorian Energy Saver Incentive Scheme (VEET scheme)? This includes aged care facilities.

Upgrade your Aged Care facility’s lights to LED

So, if you own, run or manage an aged care facility, like a retirement home, you can upgrade your older, inefficient and costly fluorescent tubes lighting to brand new, energy efficient and cost-saving LED tubes with Energy Makeovers under the VEET scheme.

Upgrading your lights can not only reduce your lighting bill (by up to 50%!) and reduce the heat produced by the lights but it also improves the quality of light your patients and/or residents experience and there’s no more ‘flickering’.

For more information on upgrading the fluorescent tubes in your aged care facility to our new free LED tubes, give us a call 1300 788 776 or check out our information pages and FAQ page.


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