Difference between a downlight and modular

We have written before about what an IC Rated downlight, or integrated modular lamp is – it’s considered a premium downlight and is suitable for homes or businesses. The biggest positives about these lamps are their clean, minimalist aesthetic and their suitability for use in close contact to insulation which is definitely not the case with standard downlights.

As energy costs increase annually and we’re now looking at some of the highest energy costs in the world, many Victorians are investing in energy-efficiency upgrades like insulation, so preparing your light fittings to accommodation for insulation is a great idea.

MR16 vs IC Rated

As one of the largest providers of free LED upgrades across Victoria through the VEU program, we’re often asked:

Can you upgrade homes and businesses to IC Rated (integrated modular lamps) for free?

Whilst they are partially subsidised if you are upgrading from halogen to IC Rated, they’re not fully covered.

per lamp = $9.95 inclusive of VEU rebate when upgrading from halogen
per lamp = $22.95 when upgrading an existing LED fitting from standard downlight to IC Rated.


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If you already have an LED fitting in place but want to upgrade to it a premium integrated modular lamp this doesn’t include a VEU rebate, unfortunately. This is because the fitting you have in place already has the most energy-efficient globe and upgrading the fitting does not decrease the carbon emitted or reduce your energy costs.

Are IC Rated downlights worth the investment?

Whilst upgrading to an IC Rated light is not the cheapest option when you can upgrade to LED for free, you need to consider the wider picture before writing them off. If you want to install insulation in your home that will rest closely alongside your downlights, IC Rated might be essential for you. And, if standard downlights don’t work with the aesthetic of your home or business, then integrated modular lamps could also be a better option.

Below we’ve supplied a handy before and after so you can see the effect that an IC Rated downlight has compared to a standard LED downlight.

Before and after IC Rated

If you would like a quote to upgrade your home or business to LED and/or to integrated modular downlight fittings, we can help!


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What is the difference between a downlight and an integrated modular lamp?

They look very similar but modulated lamps (IC Rated) can sit closer to roof insulation, they have a clean, minimalist aesthetic and they're more efficient than typical MR16 LED downlights.

Can you upgrade to modular downlights for free?

Unfortunately they're not included in the full VEU scheme subsidies so there is a co-payment required.


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