Which lamps are brighter fluorescent or LED

Are you thinking about upgrading the fluorescent tubes in your business to LED to save money, future-proof the property and improve the quality of lighting for your employees and/or customers?

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Upgrading your lights from fluorescent tubes to LED tubes is an excellent idea. LED tubes use less energy to provide the same level of light and the light they provide is far superior:

  • No dangerous heat emitted
  • No flickering
  • They last tens of thousands of hours longer
  • They are bright straight away and won’t flicker to turn on
  • They contain no dangerous elements like mercury

We do hear from a lot of business owners or managers that are concerned they will upgrade their fluorescent tubes to LED for free and the quality of the light will reduce or they won’t be as bright.

Which lamps are brighter – fluorescent or LED?

Switching from fluorescent to LED doesn’t have to be less bright. The brightness of a globe or tube is measured in lumens. If the lumens of the tube are the same in the new LED as they were in the fluorescent tube, then the brightness of the tube will be the same.

40w fluorescent tubes, commonly used in commercial properties typically produce 1600-4000 lumens of light, dependent on your needs. Most businesses opt for around 1300lm where 2 tubes are used. Our LED tubes supply 1500 – 2600 lumens dependent on your needs. This means you can swap your old, inefficient fluorescent tubes to LED and there will be no difference in the brightness of the light, but you will see a positive difference in your lighting costs and the quality of the lighting in your property.

You have nothing to lose but inefficient, outdate lights!

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