Which light globe is more efficient: CFLs or LEDs?

Which globe is more efficient CFLs or LEDs

At Energy Makeovers we’re proud to be one of the largest Accredited Partner’s in the Victorian Energy Upgrades program offering LED retrofits. This means a qualified Energy Makeovers electrician can visit your home or business and upgrade your lights for free (or heavily subsidised for some businesses).

This offer applies to many different types of lights including, incandescents, downlights and CFLs (Compact Fluorescent Lights). In the past, the state government of Victoria encouraged homes and businesses to upgrade their lights TO CFLs as they are more efficient than even older light globes like incandescents. But, you can upgrade your CFLs again to LEDs!

You might wonder if it’s really necessary to upgrade your lights again, despite them being free, is it worth your time to upgrade from CFL to LED? Are LEDs actually more energy-efficient than CFLs? The answer is – yes!


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The Victorian Energy Upgrades program exists to encourage Victorian homes and businesses to decrease their energy demands and reduce the State’s carbon emissions in line with the Paris Climate Agreement. The lighting retrofit offers within the program are helping the state significantly decrease its carbon emissions, already cutting millions of tonnes of C02 – and Energy Makeovers are proud to have helped contribute a drop of 4 million tonnes. CFL upgrades to LEDs are included in the program precisely because they DO increase your property’s energy efficiency. If they didn’t, then they wouldn’t be included.

You might wonder – ok, if LEDs are more efficient, why weren’t they offered before, why did we bother upgrading the CFL?

The answer comes down to technological developments. Lighting technology is always improving and LEDs are now available that are more efficient than CFLs.

We have a helpful graphic here on why you should upgrade from CFLs to LEDs. And medium.com has an excellent infographic that we have included below. source

CFLs compared to others

This helps you see just how much more efficient an LED is compared to a CFL. 6-8 watts for an LED globe vs 13-15 watts for a CFL. Our LEDs do vary in spec, depending on the LED you’re upgrading to, but if you’d like to see the spec for our LEDs you can check out our residential LED page.

If you have CFLs or suspect you have CFLs that you’d like to upgrade to LED for free, just get in touch and we can have a check for you, tell you if you’re eligible for a completely free upgrade to LED and organise an appointment for you ASAP.

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