5 million VEECs

At Energy Makeovers we’re celebrating a huge milestone in our battle for energy efficiency across Australia. Thanks to our work within the VEU Program, upgrading homes and businesses through energy efficiency incentives, we have generated 5 million VEECs.


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VEECs are Victorian Energy Efficiency Certificates and they’re generated when energy efficiency upgrades are completed through the program. This happens with programs like the Free LED Upgrades. We have been one of the largest Accredited Partners under the program and we can officially boast that we have now generated over 5 million VEECs since we started taking part in the program, back in 2009.

1 VEEC = 1 tonne of carbon emissions abated.

Abating 5 million tonnes of carbon emissions is the equivalent of taking 2 million gas-guzzling cars off the road, or planting 25 million trees.

We’re so proud to have reached this figure and we have Victorian residents and businesses to thank for helping not just us, but the state of Victoria reach milestones like this; all to help us reach the state’s overall target of lower carbon emissions. Australia is working towards its Paris Climate Agreement and milestones like this help remind us that we’re all working together and we’re headed in the right direction.


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