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Metal Halide highbays vs LED highbays

Metal halide vs LEDs

Upgrading from metal halide lights to LEDs may seem like a small change, one that may not impact your business much. But this simple upgrade can have a huge financial impact on your energy bills.

Metal halide lights are huge energy-guzzlers using 400 watts on average. In comparison an LED highbay uses 150 watts. Consider that across dozens, or maybe even hundreds of highbays across your property or properties and you’re looking at saving a huge amount of energy and a huge reduction in your energy bills.

Here’s a case study of ours where we upgraded 124 highbays alongside other lighting at Foodbank Victoria. After their upgrade they’ll now save over $500,000 after 10 years. LEDs can have an incredibly positive effect on a commercial property with inefficient lighting.

See if it’s worth an upgrade for your commercial property.

To see how much your business could save with an LED upgrade check out our Why upgrade your business to LED information. Or give us a call 1300 788 776

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