oversized solar energy

If the plan for the future of your home or business is to install a solar energy system you have probably considered what size system you’ll need. But have you considered ‘over-sizing’?

Oversizing your solar energy system is a process of installing more PV panels than the size of your inverter requires. Such as 16 solar PV panels (4kW) for a 3kW inverter.

By over-sizing your solar energy system you can direct more energy towards your inverter. This can be handy in cases where the conditions are not 100% optimum for collecting solar rays, such as cloudy days or if your property doesn’t face north and may miss some of the day’s direct sunshine.


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Should you oversize a solar energy system?

By over-sizing your solar energy PV system you’ll also future-proof for a battery-ready system later. So, if you install a battery at a later date (in the case of property owners who aren’t ready to commit to a battery just yet) then you will be able to generate more solar energy than you’ll use and the excess can be stored in the battery to use when the sun isn’t shining.

It’s also worth noting that STCs are dependent on the number of solar panels installed; so the more panels you install, the more discount you receive via STCs. We have more information on the value of STCs here.

Please note – there are regulations on over-sizing currently in place. Systems are limited to an oversize capacity of 1.33 times the capacity of the solar inverter.

If you’re not sure what size solar energy system you’d need, or whether an over-sized Solar PV panel system is right for you we’re happy to help! We’d love to talk to you about a solar energy system for your property; residential or commercial – we install them all!


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