Victorian Solar Rebate relaunches and fills up in 3 days

solar rebate fills up 3 days after launch

There was a huge demand for the Victorian solar rebate that launched towards the end of 2018. The rebate incentivised households around Victoria to install a solar energy system on their property and receive up to 50% rebate from the Victorian Government. The rebate was so popular that by April 2019 the limit of 24,000 households was hit within 6 months and the rebate was paused with a scheduled restart on 1st July 2019.

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With the relaunch, the Victorian Government made some changes to the incentive including a no interest loan, a battery rebate that offers discounts of up to $4,838 to households with existing solar systems and opening up the original offer to renters as well as homeowners. To prevent such a surge in solar energy installation uptake and demand on installers, the Victorian State Government decided to stagger the available rebates on a month-by-month basis – limited to 3,300 per month. 40,000 total systems and 2,000 rented homes.

On Monday, 1st July the rebate reopened again and by 3 pm the same day 1,200 applications had been lodged (source) and by Thursday it was fully subscribed. By 3pm on the Monday 5 applications for the battery-rebate had been lodged.

The demand for the rebate is huge and we can’t see this as anything but fantastic. It exceeded the expectations from Solar Victoria and it’s clear consumers are interested in upgrading their properties, future-proofing their homes and embracing renewable, clean energy systems.

Although July’s applications are now closed customers can still get organised for applications opening in the coming months. We’d recommend contacting installers (like us!) for quotes, do your research on warranties and manufacturers and make a decision on a solar offer for your property. Then you will have your information ready to lodge your application when they open again.

And don’t forget – we can help!

You can still enquire about solar to see if you’re eligible for the solar rebate and get your application ready.

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