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Why upgrade your office fluorescent tubes to LED panels?

Before and after LED upgrade in an office

We all know that irritating flicker when the elements start to fail, often leaving some of the office in darkness as a member of staff gives up and just takes the tube out. Fluorescent tubes are unreliable, energy-hungry and supply a harsh, unwelcoming ambience.

The good news?

There are plenty of options available if your office is still reduced to using fluorescent tubes. You can upgrade your fluorescent tubes to LED tubes with a relatively fuss-free upgrade (we can even do that for you), or you can upgrade your tubes to LED panels and really improve the look and feel of your business.

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A Primsal LED panel

Why upgrade from fluorescent tubes to LED panels?

  • LED panels require less maintenance
  • Fluorescent tubes have a 360 degree beam angle. As most fluorescent tubes are in the ceiling, this angle is unnecessary and means there’s a lot of wasted light and energy
  • Our LED panel example vs fluoresent tube (as below) uses 16watts less energy while supplying a brighter light
  • A longer lifespan
  • A high quality of light (no flickering) and a more pleasant colour
  • Faster installation
  • For eligible businesses LED upgrades to panels are heavily subsidised in Victoria

For comparison we have used a Primsal 600×600 LED panel light and compared to a generic fluorescent tube available at a nationwide hardware store.

Fluorescent tubes vs LED panels


Is it time to upgrade your office or business to LED panels? You can find out more on our commercial LED pages, or give us a call. You might even be eligible for a significant subsidy.

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