Balcombe case study

Schools across Victoria are an industry that can significantly benefit from solar, for the following reasons:

  • Significant energy usage during peak sunshine hours of the day
  • Large rooftop space
  • Eligible for federal incentives
  • Great for sustainability and local PR

The Victorian Premier’s website has some more information on how schools can benefit from solar here.

Balcombe Grammar School in Mount Martha, Victoria, recently selected Energy Makeovers to complete a 99kW solar energy project installation on their admin building.

We have information about the case study available here.

By keeping the size of the solar energy system below 100kW, they were able to take advantage of STCs which provide immediate financial incentives for solar energy installations. We have more information on STCs here. Any larger and they would have shifted into LGCs – more information on them here.

Balcombe solar panels

With the incentives utilised, the school was able to save $36,113, reducing the cost of the overall project and the ROI period of the investment.

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