5 tips to help you choose a solar installer

how to choose a solar installer

Solar in Victoria is booming, thanks to improved knowledge around the benefits of solar across Australia and incentives like STCs and Victoria’s solar rebate (that relaunched in July 2019). Installations are at an all-time high with a lot of demand on the industry and a lot of installers competition in the market. With so many installers to choose from here are our top 5 tips for selecting the right installer for your solar energy system.


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1. Check warranties

Warranties on solar products are important but don’t stop at the paperwork, check how long the company has been in business. The solar market in Victoria is in a boom and there are a lot of new installers launching. There are also some that go out of business and that’s when your warranty can fail. Select a company with a strong warranty and a history behind the business, so you’ll know they will be around to honour that warranty.

Energy Makeovers offers a 12-year workmanship warranty and 25-year performance warranty on our solar installations. We are also over 10 years old and 100% Australian owned so you can rest assured your investment is safe and warranties will be honoured, if applicable.


2. Read reviews

Get social feedback from previous customers of the business. What better way to do that than read their online reviews. At Energy Makeovers we’re proud to have 5 stars on Trust Pilot.

A review from Trust Pilot

You can also read our reviews on Google where we have over 90 reviews at an average of 4 stars and solarquotes where we rank 4+/5 stars
“Simply great service from Energy Makeovers, definitely one of the most reputable companies.”
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3. Get a few quotes

Do your research, collect a few quotes from companies and see how their documentation, customer service and support differs.While it might be tempting to go with the cheapest company, you might be sacrificing quality and support for the price.


4. Check accreditation

We recommend selecting an installer that’s an Approved Retailer through the Clean Energy Council.

Not every company can install a solar energy system on your home and still be eligible for the Victorian Solar Rebate. As of July 1st, changes to the regulations mean the rebate is only available for installers with CEC accreditation. This means the company must be accredited by the Clean Energy Council which enforces strict standards and requirements on installers to earn and retain accreditation.

Energy Makeovers are proud to be accredited with the CEC and are therefore eligible to apply for this rebate with you. You can find our company listed in their approved solar retailers’ list here.

This means you know you are protected and will have secure warranties for your home and system – no fly-by-night installers are eligible.

CEC accreditation


5. Read some case studies

Still not sure? Check to see if the installer has any case studies you can read. Real-life installations completed on homes in Victoria and how much those customers will now save on their energy bills and needs. Our residential case studies are available here.


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