dont pay 100 for an integrated downlight

Integrated downlights, otherwise known as IC Rated downlights are a popular option for residential properties. They create a minimalist aesthetic on the ceiling and supply a modern and clean lighting system that creates a warm and comforting ambience. As such, they’re very popular in new homes around Victoria.

Integrated downlights are a great option if you plan to upgrade your downlight fittings as well. If you’re upgrading from halogen to LED downlights and have a more complex requirement – ie. your existing transformers are not compatible with approved LEDs under the regulations of the VEU program, or perhaps you have lights on a dimmer switch and an upgrade to a dimmable MR16 downlight would be inadvisable. Maybe you have insulation that sits close to your downlight fittings and it would be advisable to upgrade to a safer downlight such as an IC Rated fitting.


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Integrated downlights offer a solution that works with the standard downlight aesthetic but address these issues.

The good news is they are included in the VEU’s subsidised lighting retrofit program that offers free or heavily discounted lighting upgrades. Unfortunately, they’re not 100% covered by the program so there is a customer contribution required. But the great news is that through us there’s still a huge savings available.

At Energy Makeovers we’re one of the largest Accredited Providers working in the VEU program and we’re able to offer integrated downlights for only $9.95 per fitting.

Some electricians will charge $60-100 for an integrated downlight fitting, because they’re not working within the VEU program so the rebate is not available to them. If you opt to receive an upgrade to LEDs through Energy Makeovers we can upgrade your fittings to integrated downlights at a fraction of the cost. Plus, if you have other outdated fittings around the house they might be eligible for a free upgrade – such as candle-style globes, incandescents and CFLs.

Many birds, one stone.

Upgrade your halogen lights to LED Integrated downlights with Energy Makeovers. Save yourself a fortune  and partner with a trusted brand with hundreds of 5-star reviews.

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