How to prepare your home for a solar energy system

how to prepare your home for solar

Is your home ready for solar?

You might be, but maybe your property isn’t quite ready. Let’s take a look with some of our top tips to prepare your home for a solar energy system.

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1) Make necessary repairs

Solar panels are designed to work for 20-25 years so your roof will need to outlast your new panels. Check for broken tiles, potential leaks and repair any problem areas. You will also need to assess if your roof can accommodate the weight and size of a solar panel system. If you haven’t done this yet or aren’t secure to access your roof safely, don’t worry – we can do this for you!

2) Check your roof faces the right direction (north facing where possible)

We can help with this. In the southern hemisphere, roofs that have a northern facing angle receive the most sunlight throughout the day and therefore will help a solar energy system generate its highest potential.

3) Check trees/shading on your property

While we don’t advocate for cutting down any of our beautiful Australian trees, where possible, but you might find that trees are shading your property and preventing solar panels from working on your property. Therefore these unfortunate trees might need ‘relocating’.

4) Check your roof for:

Vents, antennas, satellites, air conditioners etc. Do they need re-positioning? Again, we can help you assess whether this is necessary or if a solar installer can work around any existing appliances.

5) Improve your energy efficiency

Before you get a quote for solar or commit to a solar energy system, it would be a great idea to address your energy use first. Improve the energy efficiency of your home and reduce your energy consumption and you may be able to reduce the size of the energy system you need installed and therefore the costs involved. Some great, long term options are installing high-quality roof insulation and upgrading your lights to energy-efficient LEDs.

6) Do your research

Get quotes from installers, check warranties and terms & conditions, read reviews, feel secure that the installer you select will supply a high-quality system and will be around for years to come so honour warranties and repairs if they’re needed. Energy Makeovers has been around since 2008 and has serviced over 500,000 Australian customers. We also have a 5-star, ‘excellent’ rating on Trust Pilot. We’d also recommend selecting an installer that’s an Approved Retailer through the Clean Energy Council. This is also essential if you want to be eligible for the Victorian Solar Rebate. Energy Makeovers are an Approved Retailer and we have Accredited Solar Installers on hand to install your system as well.

7) Contact applicable governing bodies for rebates

The Victorian solar rebate is available for Victorians who qualify, but in order to be eligible for the rebate, you must follow the criteria. We can help with this.

8) Investigate feed-in-tariffs

Will these benefit your property and help towards the return-on-investment of the cost of your solar energy system. 2019-20’s feed-in tariff rates are available here.

9) Should you add a battery?

Determine whether adding a battery offers a strong enough return on investment right now. We have a post on this here. Solar batteries are included in the Victorian Solar Rebate, so bear this in mind as well.


We’re happy to help you assess if your property is ready for a solar energy system, how much it would cost, how long a payback period you can expect and if you’re eligible for the Victorian Solar Rebate. Just get in touch!

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