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LED tubes for food preparation spaces

Do you work in food preparation? If so, you may be aware that under HACCP-based food safety standards, including the systems of HACCP Australia, your food preparation area requires lighting to be adequate to ensure safe operation of equipment and to assist with cleaning; lights to be operative and clean; and light fittings to be enclosed in processing areas, so that glass cannot fall into processing area at times of breakage.

food prep plastic tubes

Fluorescent tubes have historically been the preferred form of lighting in commercial food preparation and storage areas, however fluorescent tubes produce large amounts of ultraviolet light and this has the potential to change the colour of products when they are on display, particularly raw meat as it encourages metmyoglobin formation.

Some tube lights can effect food quality, LEDs don’t

LED tubes produce no ultraviolet light and therefore do not promote metmyoglobin formation. LED tubes are now made with glass, polycarbonate and acrylic options. Whilst glass tubes tend to more efficiently export the lumens from the LED chips within the tube, they are naturally more fragile than their polycarbonate and acrylic counterparts and as such are more susceptible to breakage. This becomes important when tubes are installed in areas where food is prepared or stored as a broken tube has the potential to contaminate the food with broken glass fragments and this is why HACCP food safety standards require glass lamps to be enclosed in food processing areas.

Some glass LED tubes are now available with an additional acrylic layer on the surface to provide greater impact resistance and catch any broken glass.

We can supply LED tubes for food prep spaces

Energy Makeovers are proud to be able to supply LED tubes suitable for food preparation spaces and approved by the VEET scheme. For more information on acrylic tubes or to enquire if these are applicable to your business space give us a call on 1300 788 776 or check out our business LED upgrade pages for more information about upgrading the lights in your business and how it can reduce your energy bills and maintenance costs.


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