A common (and really fantastic) question we are often asked is “how can I tell if I already have LEDs installed in my home (or business)?” This question relates to the subsidised or free offer to upgrade your home or business to LED through the Victorian Energy Upgrades program (VEU) or the New South Wales Energy Savings Scheme (ESS). Under these programs you can upgrade your home, or business, to LED thereby reducing your energy demands, your bills and your carbon emissions.

The program is in place to retrofit existing light fittings to energy-efficient globes like LED. This means we can upgrade fittings like halogen downlights, candle bulbs, CFLs, fluorescent tubes (in businesses) and incandescent globes.


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However, it can sometimes be a little tricky to establish if you already have LEDs in place. Perhaps you have moved into a new home or a new rental and you’re not sure if an LED upgrade has already been completed. It’s not always easy to tell – so here are a few examples of what older globes look like versus newer LEDs.


Incandescent to LED

In the above image is an old incandescent light. In the older globes you can see the filaments and all of the lighting element. In newer LEDs they’re a bit more updated. The glass is more opaque and you can’t see a lighting element. In most cases the globe will say on them that they’re LED.

Halogen to LED

In the above image are downlights. Now, downlights can be a bit more tricky, especially as you can’t often simply take them out of the ceiling fitting yourself. But, if you look closely when they’re turned off, an older halogen globe will typically have one single lighting element. In newer LEDs they usually have many lights in a circle around the globe. They also have a more updated, modern look and more plastic on them.


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Lights you can upgrade

Here is a great example of many of the inefficient lights we can upgrade and you can compare if any of the lights in your property (home or business) look like these. If they do and you live in Melbourne or Sydney you would be eligible for an LED upgrade for free (or subsidised) with Energy Makeovers.

If you’re still unsure, then the next option is to take pictures of your lights and email them to us at enquiries (at) energymakeovers.com.au and we can actually tell you if they’re eligible. All we’d need to know is how many you have to upgrade to LED and where you live and we can tell you straight away with no obligation. The only thing you have to lose is the cost of your lighting bill!

How can I tell if I already have LEDs?

You can check out some of the pictures in this post or send us a picture and we can tell you.

Here’s a reminder on why it’s worth upgrading to LED. And, for those who are concerned – here is who is funding the costs of LED upgrades – it’s not the taxpayer!


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How can I tell if I already have LEDs in my home?

If you look closely when they’re turned off, an older halogen globe will typically have one single lighting element. If you're not sure we can help you.

Can I upgrade LEDs to new LEDs?

Not for your home through any subsidised programs. LED upgrades are intended to upgrade inefficient globes and you already have efficient globes in place.


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