Can I get an LED upgrade in my area?

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One of our most common questions for our LED upgrade customers is “do you service my area?”. So, we have created a helpful tool to tell you whether or not we service your location based on your 4-digit postcode.

You can either find this gadget to the right of this blog post or in the footer of our website.

Simply enter your 4-digit postcode, like 3004 (for Melbourne) and our gadget will tell you if our team are currently servicing LED upgrades in your area of Sydney or Melbourne.

Footer postcode search

Here’s the postcode search function in our website footer

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Here’s the gadget on our blog, to the right side of the post

If we service your location we are able to organise an appointment to upgrade the downlights in your property to LED from as little as $33* for the whole upgrade, including LEDs and installation! Yes, you read that right – $33* TOTAL.

There are some postcodes around Victoria and New South Wales that we don’t service yet, this can be due to a lack of requests (often in more rural areas) and you may need to join our waitlist. If you’re on our waitlist we will contact you when a team is scheduled to be in your area, usually after we receive more LED upgrade requests for that location.

We are also working to expand our service areas and we appreciate your patience and understanding while we expand our locations. We apologise for any delay this may cause in an LED upgrade in your home but at Energy Makeovers we aim to offer our customers the highest level of service and products available.

You can also give us a call (1300 788 776) and let us know where you’re based and we can tell you immediately if we are able to upgrade the downlights in your location.

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*$33 installation fee in place from 1st September, 2019


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