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Can we upgrade light fittings with no globes in them?

No globe light fittings

To answer another frequently asked question we wanted to put up an explainer about empty light fittings, as we’re often asked about this, especially on our Facebook page.

Can we upgrade light fittings to LED if they’re empty?


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If you have light fittings, whether downlights or otherwise in your home or business and you’re interested in upgrading the globes in your property to LED under the VEU program so they’re free or subsidised we must upgrade the globe. If the light fitting is empty, the fitting is not eligible for a FREE upgrade.

(This also applies to upgrades through the NSW HEER incentive)

The retrofit program exists to aid Victoria in decreasing its carbon emissions to hit its Paris Climate Agreement targets. By upgrading inefficient, outdated technology like energy-hungry lightbulbs (incandescents and halogens) the state has already reduced its carbon emissions by tens of millions of tonnes. Under the program, we MUST upgrade an inefficient globe to an efficient one and if no globe is in place we (as an Accredited Partner in the program) cannot confirm that we have removed an inefficient globe and installed and efficient one where one did not exist before.

This requirement exists to prevent the program from being taken advantage of by those looking to acquire free LEDs.

We can install LEDs where no current globe is in place but there will be a small cost for each fitting as the VEU program cannot subsidise the cost of these upgrades.

If you have further questions about the program, want to find out if you’re eligible or book an appointment to upgrade the lights in your home or business we’re happy to help! Give us a call 1300 788 776


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