free leds ends this month

If you’re interested in an LED upgrade for your home or business then now is the time to upgrade. The FREE LED upgrade offer will end across Victoria at the end of June 2021. As of July 2021,

The program will no longer be free due to the reduction in VEECs generated by LED upgrades. For residential properties, there will be a 35% reduction in the number of VEECs per upgrade after 30th June (before the activity is phased out altogether on 31st January 2022). Commercial LED upgrades have already seen a 15% reduction in the abatement factor after March 2021, with a further 33% reduction coming on 31st January 2022 and the full phase-out completed one year later.

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After June 2021, LED Upgrades will still be available across Victoria but they will not be 100% free and after January 2022 they will no longer be subsidized at all. Subsidies after June 2021 are TBA.

So, if you are thinking about an upgrade, unsure about an LED upgrade, or might want an LED upgrade in the future, now is your last change to get one for free, so talk to us soon about an LED upgrade for your home or business.


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