Free LED Upgrades for small businesses in Sydney

free LED upgrades for small businesses in Sydney

Small businesses in Sydney are eligible for FREE Led upgrades, if they qualify.

You might have seen ads in your area reminding you that homes around Sydney can upgrade their downlights for free to LED thanks to the Home Energy Efficiency Retrofit program (HEER) but small businesses are eligible to upgrade as well.

Business owners, landlords and property managers can take advantage of this limited offer to upgrade their inefficient and out-dated light fittings to LED, for FREE and save a huge amount, not just on energy costs, but carbon abatement too.

One of the most requested fittings we’re asked to upgrade is fluorescent tubes. Fluorescent tubes are eligible for a free upgrade to LED under the HEER program and we’re proud to be one of the most trusted providers in the program. Check out our incredible reviews.

An upgrade from fluorescent tubes to LED can reduce your lighting costs up to 66%, plus it will supply a better quality of light and no more flickering ever! Our team can arrange an appointment that works for your small business, upgrade your fittings and have you and your team working under better, cheaper, and more efficient lights in no time!

But, it’s not just fluoros that are eligible for an upgrade to free LED.


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Here are all the light fittings that are eligible to upgrade LED for free in small businesses around Sydney.

  • MR16 Halogen downlights
  • GU10 Halogen downlights
  • PAR38 Reflectors
  • 1200mm tubes (in Troffer)

Some lights are not eligible for completely FREE LED upgrades but they’re eligible for subsidised upgrades. This means that it’s cheaper to upgrade them through us than to purchase the globes yourself and install through your own electrician.

The following fittings are subsidised when upgrading to LED.

  • 2x1200mm tubes (in IP65/66) – $19.95 per fitting
  • 3x600mm tubes (in Troffer) – $9.95 per fitting
  • 2x600mm tubes (in Batten) – $24.95 per fitting
  • 3x600mm tubes (in Troffer) – $39.95 per fitting

The reason some fittings require a customer contribution is due to the restrictions under the HEER program, but these subsidies still offer a strong incentive to upgrade the lights in your Sydney business to LED. The offer won’t be around forever and with energy prices soaring, there has never will never be a better time than right now to upgrade the lights in your small business to LED.


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