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Free or subsidised energy efficiency upgrades for your customers

Are you an electrician or electrical contractor and you want to be involved within the VEET scheme (Victoria Energy Efficiency Target) by registering VEECs? At Energy Makeovers we can support or enable your business to register VEECs as an Accredited Provider through the Essential Services Commission (ESC). These VEECs are applicable for schedules 21 & 34 (residential and commercial lighting upgrades)

How to provide free or subsidised energy efficiency upgrades for your customers

Register VEECs

Why can’t I claim VEECs myself?

VEECs can only be created by parties approved as “Accredited Persons” by the scheme regulator. The regulator has a strict accreditation process and requires detailed evidence for each certificate creation.

What is a VEEC?

A VEEC is a Victorian Energy Efficiency Certificate, created in accordance with the Victorian Energy Efficiency Target Act 2007 (the Act) and the Victorian Energy Efficiency Target Regulations 2008 (the Regulations). Each VEEC represents one tonne of carbon dioxide equivalent (CO2-e) abated by specified energy saving activities known as Prescribed Activities.

How many VEECs can I register?

The VEET website has provided a helpful calculator to aid working out how many VEECs you’re able to claim.

How quickly can I get paid?

As soon as the regulator registers the VEECs we create for you, we will pay you for the VEECs.  The time it takes the regulator to complete their review and registration process depends heavily on the quality of the evidence submitted and the risk rating of the company creating the VEECs.  Energy Makeovers is rated as a low risk, highly compliant Accredited Person by the regulator so our VEECs are created more quickly than other companies.  Typical payment time is less than 8 weeks

Free or subsidised energy efficiency upgrades for your customers

For further information and FAQs, including the current value of a VEEC please see our EMVP VEEC information page and self service page


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