free LEDs in 2022

The Victorian Energy Upgrade offer currently promotes FREE LEDs to Victorian residents and businesses that want to upgrade their old light fittings to LED. It’s funded through the program and thanks to VEECs (Victorian Energy Efficiency Credits).

The incentive was due to end in June 2021, but after the lengthy lockdowns in Victoria throughout the year this specific incentive has been extended so homes and businesses don’t miss out on what’s been an incredibly popular offer.

Residents and businesses of Victoria will still be able to take advantage of free LEDs throughout 2022 with an expiry date to be confirmed.

It’s great news but the offer won’t last forever, so if you’ve been thinking about an upgrade or might put it off for a while, the sooner you get it done, the better. Is 2022 the time to reduce your energy consumption and bills?


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So, if you are thinking about an upgrade, unsure about an LED upgrade, or might want an LED upgrade in the future, now may be your last chance to get one for free, so talk to us soon about an LED upgrade for your home or business.


Can I get free LEDs after the VEU scheme ends?

No. It's thanks to the scheme that we're able to install free LEDs in homes and businesses

When does the VEU Free LED offer end

In 2022.


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